Tent Rotterdam's Post Opera Exhibiton

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For the Post Opera I developed a system to sequence the sound playback and light cues of different works present in the exhibition, so they wouldn't overlap, but run in cycles.

The system consisted of a network formed by:

  • several RaspberryPis (one per piece), used as playback devices
  • laptop functioning the central node that controlled the RaspberryPi
  • network switch to which all Pis & laptop connected to
  • DMX mixer & dimmer pack

A simple Python reads sound and light cues from a spreadsheet and send those cues as ssh commands to the Raspberry Pis on local area network, whom respond by playing back the designed tracks. Light cues are send as MIDI messages to the DMX mixer.

Work by Mercedes Azpilicueta and John Bingham-Hall

Work by Jasna Veličković

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