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Convert Spreadsheets to Mediawiki Tables


Tables.png I use wikis quite often for the documentation of different projects. They are quite useful, simple and powerful, but in some specific cases Mediawiki syntax is just horrendous. One of such cases are tables. Therefore I been using Libreoffice to create the sheets/tables and then convert them to Mediawiki syntax using Pandoc.

The main trick is to export the sheet to an HTML file. Then you simply have to use Pandoc to convert the HTML table to Mediawiki, with the command

 pandoc -f html -t mediawiki sheet.html

The result will be a Mediawiki table:

|Mac Pro 2.26
|All students
|archive machine
|Mac Pro A1481
|All students

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Date"Date" is a type and predefined property provided by Semantic MediaWiki to represent date values.
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