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Sonificacoes.jpg Art & Science project developed in collaboration with scientists the from the Physics Department of Aveiro's University, under the Residences Network Program for collaborations between art & science.

Data sonification consists on the translation of data sets into sound events. This technique allows several data variables to be analyzed simultaneously through sound, and patterns and relations, often undistinguished in visual renderings, to become more apparent.

During the residency, I got involved in a process of regular exchange of ideas with the researchers, experimentation with different data sets, sound synthesis techniques, and mapping strategies. I chose to sonify meteorological data (temperature, air-pressure, humidity, wind speed and direction and precipitation for the spring and summer of 2005 in the area of Aveiro - North of Portugal) which, at the time was being used to test and calibrate a weather simulation model dedicated to the prediction of rural fire incidents, developed by researcher Luís Carvalheiro.

Meteorological data sonification

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