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2014 - 2016

Between 2014 and 2016 I have developed the publishing workflow for Beyond Social - an international and collaborative research and publishing platform on social design, Initiated by the Willem de Kooning Academy's Social Practices Minor and developed within the Hybrid Publishing Practices at WdKA, University of Applied Sciences Rotterdam (HRO).

Issues 1, 2 and 3 were designed by Template Studio. Since 2017 visual design and web development has been under the command of Manetta Berends.

This was the first publishing project where I began to use Mediawiki as a the writing space for a publications. Initially, in collaboration with Template Studio, we developed a wiki-to-web workflow [1] that generated an alternative reading-space (or front-end) from the wiki contents. The advantage of this approach was added readibility and careful visual design, which we struggled to get from Mediawiki skins [2]. The drawback of this approach is that web development, design, and writing processes happen in separate spaces, making its development process quite hard and inorganic, not to mention its required maintenance. Since 2016 Manetta Berends has solved this issue by developing a custom skins and exploring many hidden wiki functions [3].

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  1. Beyond Social issue 1,2,3 code repository:
  2. If interested in the process of publishing Beyond Social read Making Beyond Social
  3. More details in

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