Tactile Noise

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Tactile Noise


Caixa1.jpg Project based on the construction of DIY tactile electronic instruments, comprising exhibitions and workshops.

The tactile noise instruments are based on small integrated-circuits (op-amps), usually employed as amplifiers, which do not produce sound on their own, except when integrated into a recursive network (its output is connected to its input).

For the recursive network to be activated and sound to be produced, is necessary the intervention of a body that touches and connects the circuit's vital nodes, its contact points. When the body touches these points it acts as a resistance, becoming part of the circuit’s electrical flux, and changing the produced sound as a result of its positions, humidity and pressure exerted over the instrument’s contact-points. Such configuration makes these instruments, despite their simplicity, very amusing and challenging to play, a sort of a sonic puzzle, with which the player has to relate in order take control over its sounds.

Enblanco01.jpg Photos by Irene Gonzalez Chana

2011 Works

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